Real Estate Based Commercial Financing

Looking for money to jump start a commercial endeavor?  Looking to expand?  Or maybe you need funds to buy out a partner, or former boss who wants to retire!

Having Equity is the Key!

We loan money based on the equity in your home, or in commercial real estate.  If your property has appreciated to $600,000 and your mortgage has $200,000 left on it, you have $400,000 in equity.  We can lend you much of that immediately, with no credit checks or income verification.  How much we lend you is up to you, it could be $40,000, it could be hundreds of thousands.  It is very quick and easy.  We are efficient, we don’t waste your time, and we give you quick approvals.

While we recommend visiting your bank first, if you do not have what they require to approve you when needed, or if you need funds quickly, the equity in your real estate might be your solution.

We realize business is fast paced, so we don’t waste your time.  Our lenders employ a common sense approach to lending, and we can offer quick approvals, and get the cash in your hands when you need it.

We help with the following:

» Multi-family dwelling purchase, or refinance
» Loans over commercial property
» Commercial Loans for the Self Employed