Your Equity to the Rescue

Do you own Real Estate?  Most of us do.  We live there, we play there. It’s Home.
Too many times though we forget that our home is also a great big investment.  An investment that gets more valuable over time.  Like any investment, it needs to be there when you need it.  It needs to be there when you are overwhelmed with debt, or want to start your own business.  It needs to be there when you need to purchase a vehicle, or finally take the family on that dream vacation, or your dream renovation.

The equity in your home belongs to you.  Shouldn’t you be able to access it?

If you own your home, if you own other property, you can use the equity in that Real Estate to get cash.  It’s really as simple as that.  And we make it easy to do.

We loan money based on the equity in your home.  If your home has appreciated to $600,000 and your mortgage has $200,000 left on it, you have $400,000 in equity.  We can lend you much of that immediately, with no credit checks or income verification.  How much we lend you is up to you, it could be $40,000, it could be hundreds of thousands.  It is very quick and easy.  We are efficient, we don’t waste your time, and we give you quick approvals.

» I have poor credit

If you own a home, or any real estate, we can lend you money, based on the value of the equity in the real estate.  In most cases we don’t require a credit check.  Do you have poor credit because of credit card debt, or payments that you fell behind on?  Using the equity in your home can not only consolidate your debt and lower your payments, it can raise your credit scores by getting all those payments caught up.

» I’m self employed

If you own a home, or any real estate, we can lend you money, based on the value of the equity in the real estate.  Self employed people are some of the hardest working people we know.  We do not need income verification to approve you for a loan.  What you do with the money is your decision!  Do you need more business capital?  Do you need money for living expenses during a business startup?  Do you need a vacation?  It’s up to you!

» I am behind on my mortgage

If there is equity in the property, we can help, even if you are behind on mortgage payments, or in foreclosure.

» I need to consolidate debts

One of the most difficult things to do is get your feet under you while being hounded daily by people you owe money to.  If you own a home, you have the power to stop the harassment, and get on with your life.  Call us, we do not judge, we help.